OSMC Skin - Thumbnails and Visualization

Howdy. I’ve got a new instance of OSMC up and running on a RP3B and the performance is lightyears ahead of my old B+. There are still a couple of skin tweaks I’d like to do but I can’t find the settings, or the settings aren’t working:

Thumbnails on the Home Screen - The channel icons show whenever PVR+Live TV main menu button is highlighted by mouse, keyboard or remote. On another of my OSMC rigs I get album and movie thumbnails when the Music or Movies buttons are highlighted. How do I turn these on or off?

Plot Summary for Movies does not show unless I select ‘Information’ - Can I set this to display when scrolling thru the library after selecting Movies?

Visualizations - Prior OSMC would show either artist slideshow in the background when playing an album from the Music library, or a graphic that pulsated to the music - Is there a setting I’m missing?

Obviously these are minor appearance tweaks, OSMC is functioning like a champ!

Thanks in advance!

I’m going to answer the question about visualisations, they are disabled in kodi 17. You need
to enable a repository and zipfile. The first match that came up was on youtube:

However caution is advised. Enabling third party plugins can damage your system (and you
could end up reinstalling).
I would wait for one of the moderators to confirm or other replies before enabling.

Ooof! Thanks for the update and fair warning Hal8000 – I’ll do just that.

UPDATE: I found the widget settings for the thumbnails, so plot summaries without pressing Information are the only thing I’m still chasing.