Hey guys!

I recently installed the latest OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 2 b model.
I would like to install Spotify but the addons that I find I just get error codes when I should start the addon.
The ones I have tried are spotiMC and spotlight.

Anyone have a solution to this?

Did you check these threads for a possible solution Search results for 'spotify' - OSMC Forums

there are numerous spotify addons, tutorials etc here on the forum might wanna search before posting

as for the errors use google to solve those and fyi make sure you dont have a free account cause Spotify doesn’t come cheap :slightly_smiling: they are all about the £ $ € over there.

I have tried to google it but couldnt find any real solution.
I have a premium account so that should not be the problem.

Yeah i’ve looked at those threads but couldnt find any solution.

So whats the issue per say ive done a howto even included fixes and possible solutions and how hard did you try before just saying it doesn’t work ?

Thanks man.

I finally could log in to the spotiMC addon yesterday, I could find my previously made playlists but when I try to search for something in the search tab nothing happens, the wheel just spinning forever.
Could it be something with ports in my router? I tried to open up port 8080 but that didnt help me out.

Someone have the same problem?

Good evening
An alternative and free addon for Kodi (type spotify) no account?
Thank you!!

no, spotify doesnt come free, check soundcloud as an alternative or something.

Music Box? The problem is that Required my phone for account registration…!

Spotify has a free plan.

However Kodi add-ons require the use of the API, which I believe is only available to members paying a subscription.

Spotify is free on Ipad and Iphone.
On Kodi (and other friends)Spotify,Spotimc required account premium…
Anyway, I just installed SoundCloud. You will have the quality of Spotify?
Many thanks mr.Toast…! :slight_smile:

It’s free on iPad and iPhone via the official apps.
It’s not free with any app that exists using Spotify’s public API. This won’t change in the future as Spotify’s free plan only exists from advertising.

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It’s 'free, but for the account, the russian site “VK.Com” asks for my phone number,to send a text message with the activation code …!
I only use email, NEVER my phone!