OSMC stuck, not able to update or retain info on reboot

I’m having an issue with OSMC on my Rpi3 where I can repeatedly keep updating it manually, but upon reboot it reverts back to version 2017-04-2. I have attempted to manually update it in My OSMC and it updated fine, but reverted to the same version after reboot. I have also attempted to update as well using the terminal and apt-get update as well as apt-get dist-upgrade and once again, it updated perfectly fine, but the moment I reboot in OSMC it immediately reverts back to the previous version in spite of updating and removing the previous version. I also attempted to reinstall using NOOBS but I get a tarball extraction error where it can’t create directories so I’m at a loss. I don’t have a microsd card reader so I can’t reformat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posting logs would help:

It’s hard to say for sure without logs, but I’m thinking that your SD card may be failing.

Will the logs catch it if the issue seems to be happening post-reboot though? As stated, I can update it perfectly fine to the most recent version/img where it shows as fully updated in My OSMC, but the moment I restart is when it all reverts back to default. If the SD card was failing, wouldn’t it be strictly read-only?

If I didn’t think that there could be useful info in the logs, I wouldn’t ask for them. The logs contain a lot of good information.

I attempted to enable debugging and restart as per the instructions but the moment I restart, debugging is disabled. In addition I attempted to remove all my addons before reboot and they are all back as soon as I reboot. It might be difficult to make logs if they’re not going to be saved.

If you don’t want to post logs, all I can suggest would be a new installation on a new SD card.

Usually this occurs when an SD card is dying.


Thanks guys. Will try a new SD card.