OSMC Stuck on splash screen

Good everyone,

New poster here and I’m having a little difficulty with OSMC on my Raspberry Pi Model B. I installed OSMC a number of months ago and have been using it without any issues since. I went on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I’ve come back my OSMC won’t load past the splash screen.

Are there any known fixes to this or would I have to go for a full reset?


Can you still SSH? Logs?

I’m not familiar with SSH, I’ve not used it before so I’m unsure. I can always try but I may need a little help doing it.

I am unsure how to access logs either.

Apologies this isn’t very helpful.

Thanks for both links, I will attempt to login via SSH and provide more information later.

Just wanted to provide an update. I am currently unable to access the command line locally or via SSH.