OSMC, ¿switch onboard to dongle WIFI?

Hi all!

Right now im working very well with my RPI3 with OSMC via onboard WIFI. I got a WIFI 5G USB dongle that i want to use with my RPI3, i’ve attached the dongle to my RPI3 but i dont know how to switch from onboard to dongle WIFI, i try editing /boot/config.txt and using dtoverlay=sdhost, but doesn’t work, does not appear my 5G Network on the list

I looked at the forums but i dont see a solution, anyone know how to get it working?

Thanks for the support

You can easily blacklist the module(search the forum)

Finally worked with the past modification i made, dont know why i needed to reboot 4 times

edit /boot/config.txt and add dtoverlay=sdhost


what does “dtoverlay=sdhost” do?