OSMC - Two question, i obtain an error every time i turn on my Pi2 and question about advancedsetting.xml......... :)

Fist question:
Every time i turn on my Pi2 whit latest version of OSMC i can see an errors appears on botton right screen of my tv… it’s says:
CEC… failed to install or similar… i have nothing to strange connected to my Pi2… i use only a USB to double PS-2 convertitor for use keyboard+mouse but instead this error both of this working whitout problems.

It’s al normal ?? Or i can fix or check something ?

The second quesiton it’s instead this thread:

I have read all discussion… but i don’t have understand… what’s the exact path ??
I can use “/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata” (there’s present different file inside this same path) ?

Or i need to copy this file to another path ?? If yes can someone can explain this ?


Suggest you provide full logs to review what is going on. While first question would be if you are on the latest update?
To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/ for advice on how to help us.

oohh… great suggestion… there’s a KODI general suggestion… there’s not indicated the exact path for OSMC users…
Also here:

Nothing elencated… it’s indicated for OpenELEC… on osmc the path “/storage/.kodi/userdata/” not exist.

also “/.kodi/userdata/” not exist…

I have put inside “/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata” and i don’t know if it’s the correct path… for now i have set this:


Is the correct path to put your advancedsettings.xml

yeah… i have upgrade my version yesterday… how i can obtain a full log ?

I have read the linked site… i have to need to activate debug… restart osmc and wait for this error immediatelly after a startup.

Ok i have execute from ssh:
sudo grab-logs -A -T logs

And i have obtain this:

The error i obtain it’s CEC-PulseEight or similar…
If you need other info about this error ask whitout problems… ah… if you want say to me how i can reset the full log and i can provide a newest log… there’s so many info about this :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be using an absolute path for this.

“/.kodi/userdata/” doesn’t exist

“.kodi/userdata/” does exist.

but inside /home/ or not ??

@fzinken confirmed the correct path above.

Why not ?


Nothing wrong with that.

But only if your current directory is /home/osmc. If you want to specify a path relative to the home directory you can use one of these, depending on where you are doing it:


Both will usually work in bash scripts. But if there is any doubt I would just go with the full path.

Indeed - when you have the correct path. An absolute path will always get you where you want to be, but of course it has to be correct.

With the caveat that you are logged in as osmc - if you’re not then the full path must be used.

And that path is always correct on OSMC, so your point is ?

Your suggestion relied not only on logging in as osmc, but also that your current directory was set to /home/osmc at the time the command is run - and even bigger caveat. The two alternative suggestions I gave are a more robust option if you want to reference the path relative to the logged in users home directory without consideration of the current working directory.

But as I said earlier, just use the full path and be done with it.

sorry boys but i’m stupid at this point ??.. i continue to not understand what’s the correct path or every path i used it’s working otherwise…


Lol… great and finally :slight_smile:

I posted the correct path 6 days ago…

Only after that have created a lot of confusion in my mind speaking about another different path…

Otherwise i thinks the network cache or the advancedsetting not working well… i continue to have continue buffering problems:
I thinks the buffering problems it’s never completed… i have set the cache to 150MB and i thinks the buffering it’s never filled because the roproduction stop ever after 10/20 seconds when i try to watch a streaming service and the 150MB of cache it’s never filled before the reproduction start…

Wait a moments friends… on osmc i stay to watch inside kodi.log… look this:

19:44:41   8.847445 T:1957650992  NOTICE: Contents of special://xbmc/system/advancedsettings.xml are...
                                            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
19:44:41   8.851562 T:1957650992  NOTICE: Loaded settings file from special://profile/advancedsettings.xml
19:44:41   8.851739 T:1957650992  NOTICE: Contents of special://profile/advancedsettings.xml are...
                                            <!-- Created using Easy Advanced Settings addon -->

Apparently on my OSMC there’s present two difference advacedsetting.xml !?!?!?!

One it’s located in home etc etc… and the seconds ??? apparently all two xml file have the readbufferfactor but what of this two it’s after used ??? The first read or the seconds ???

Special:// ?? What’s the real path ?? Special://profile it’s home/.kodi… but i have search and a folder called /xbmc not exist… strange…

Very Very interesting… the second advanced .xml file apparently it’s stored in:


Inside it’s there’s present another readbuffer value… i want to try what’s appened if i removed it…

The advancedsettings.xml in special://??? is of no consequence, ignore it. Changing settings in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml will ALWAYS take precedence!

You are sure ??? If you read the kodi.log apparently the first .xml it’s parsed first respect the same file inside home folder…