OSMC Update error python3-uno


I just tried to upgrade from the june edition to the latest and i got an error after restart.
Error installing: python3-uno (1%3a4.3.3-2+deb8u5)
Also my screen is distorted on the right hand site.

Here are my logs http://paste.osmc.io/fureceqone

Looks like you have a full desktop on your system (I see LibreOffice etc).

You also ran:

Start-Date: 2015-12-30  16:50:25
Commandline: apt-get upgrade

This will break your system and you will need to reinstall, especially as rbp2-device-osmc has been removed.

We don’t support these changes that you made to your system, so we can’t really advise on how to repair the current system state. In future use dist-upgrade, and be careful of installing things like LibreOffice, as that brings in X packages.

This isn’t really unexpected behaviour or a bug with the OSMC update system.

Edit: I warned you on 4th April that apt-get upgrade would cause problems. Not sure why you are still doing this and haven’t reinstalled.

Hi Sam,

True, long long ago i broke my osmc because of the use of apt-get upgrade.
But this was fixed last april (let me find the forum item)
From then on i was happily using osmc on which i added owncloud (which uses libreoffice for online editing of documents).
So please have another look to see if there is something related to the trying to upgrade from, i think, june6.2 to the latest osmc.
Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Ok, so you are saying that the only way to solve the situation is to completely reinstall?
I haven’t used the apt-get update / upgrade anymore since long ago . . .
And my box was working al this time like a charm . . .
And i did try a reinstall with a clean sdcard but wanted to save my owncloud setup (apparently wrong)

If it was fixed, you wouldn’t have this error message again. Your system is in a seriously bad and partial state. For one, you are missing the ‘rbp2-device-osmc’ metapackage which means that if we introduce new dependencies here or change them, your system will break again.

It’s the easiest. Unless you know what you are doing and have a full .bash_history, it’s better to start fresh.

Sure – but if you configure your system in this way, you should not expect updates to work. OSMC expects core, essential packages not to be removed, and it expects dist-upgrade so it can resolve and install new depencies of meta-packages etc. Running apt-get upgrade even once is enough to mess this up.

I have no idea what depends on python3-uno, but that’s certainly problematic. OSMC doesn’t ship Python 3 at all. I’m reluctant to help you, because in two months we will be having the same discussion.

Ok, thanks for your elleberate explaination.
This weekend i’ll fresh start and rebuild owncloud.
I suppose that’s the way to get rid of another question of mine in 2 months . . . :wink: