OSMC Update Error - rbp2-image-4.4.13-4-osmc

For the past few months every time I try to update my Raspberry Pi 3, I get an error that it cannot install rbp2-image-4.4.13-4-osmc. I found some other postings about this issue saying that i should be fixed but I am still getting this error.

I cannot reproduce the error but have attached a photo of the error.

Hopefully you guys can help me out or else I will have to resort to a reinstall.

Thank you.

Paste logs please.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.


Hi ActionA,

Thank you for the reply. I would be glad to supply log files for my setup. Unfortunately, I just noticed that the internet connection to the Raspberry Pi is no longer working with the latest update.

I cannot get a connection and I cannot seem to go to the settings tab to be able to configure a connection. Any ideas? On My OSMC I don’t seem to have the icon outlined in this wiki.


Thank you,

Thank you for your help.

Decided to do a reinstall and restore since the network wasn’t working either. I will keep you posted on next month’s update the issue persists.

Thank you.

If you can get a connection on your local network to the pi, you can run grab-logs -A on the pi amd then copy the resulting file to your pc to upload.

The details of exactly how to do this are in the link that @ActionA provided for you.

Thank you to all for your assistance. As I mentioned earlier, decided to do a reinstall and restore of the library and this has seemed to have fixed the issue. I’m guessing the previous install was getting corrupt.

Thank you again for all your help.