OSMC Update fails


my OSMC update fails since a long time. Could you please help me?

Here are the logfiles: http://paste.osmc.io/bixosokasa


You’ve made a lot of changes to your system (some of which we don’t officially support)

The sources.list changes should probably be reverted.

You also appear to have port22 exposed to the world and someone seems to be trying to gain access to your device regularly


you are right, I did a lot of changes and a many other processes are running in the background. If thats the problem, I am afraid I have to live with that or do a complete new installation.
Regarding Port 22: I have already seen that today morning, but I don’t understand why this is happening. My firewall should block port 22. I think I will disable SSH meanwhile until I know why the router isn’t blocking the port.

Regarding port 22, if upnp is enabled on your router, something, for example an addon, might have opened up port 22.

I already found the problem with port 22: DMZ was enabled on my router!