Osmc update gone bad

I just tried to do an update on my OSMC install. I noticed it’d been a while since I got a popup saying it’d been updated so I checked the updater in the app and it read at the bottom that it was a September version. so I went to manually update from the GUI and it failed telling me to check the logs. I didn’t know where to find the logs, so I went to the wiki. I didn’t see anything about where the logs are located but I did see the commands for updating from the command line, so I tried that method. It appeared to work. It progressed thru the whole process. But when it was done, my screen (the TV) was just blank after waiting about 10 minutes and no change, I rebooted from the console. when it came back up I saw the OSMC splash screen but then it just went black again. So I hard booted and this time it came back up to the main screen (confluence) but is locked up. I tried once again with the same result. When it’s in this condition, I’m unable to connect via SSH, no CEC remote functionality, or even get any local keyboard functionality.
I’m at a complete loss as to what to do next. I think I’ll need to somehow boot into a safe mode to even attempt any sort of repair, but I have no idea how to go about doing this.
This is on an PI2, wired Ethernet, HDMI connection to a Samsung UN55JU6500. all media is on a smb share on my server. The DB is MySQL on another (windows)server.

Im quite nervous at the moment, because I started the update on my second OSMC at the same time. That one is still in progress. Hopefully it succeeds. Similar setup, but on a Pi B+. My kids will kill me if there’s no TV over the weekend!

This is a mistake. KODI in the last update was upgraded from v15 to v16 which requires to update the database. Based on the size of the database and the performance of your database server this can take a while.
Also as you have two devices being upgraded they may have messed it up doing the database upgrade at once.

Suggest you wait till now the second one is updated, then shutdown one of the devices. Delete the new databases and reboot the other device. Then wait till database upgrade finished.

Section 3.1 Method 2 here http://kodi.wiki/view/MySQL/Upgrading

Given I was watching the screen, and the console, I’d have expected some sort of indication it was doing something, anything at all. it’s the blank screen for such a long time that threw me. And then the lockup after i did reboot with no indication it was doing anything. And not even any keyboard response. I’d have expected at least a console prompt to work while it was updating something, and if it was doing something to update the OS itself, i’d have expected to see something on screen to that effect. I’ve never seen a database update take longer than a few seconds. My kodi DB isn’t all that big (<150 titles) and the server and network are very robust.

Anyhow, it looks like the 2nd box updated just fine. And the database does seem to have spawned a newer copy. I’m now at music56 and videos99. The 2nd pi seems to be working fine. I can always kill the newer DB and force it to rebuild again just to be safe.
The Pi2 is still locked up after nearly an hour so I hard booted it again. it gets all the way to the confluence screen again, and it does populate the recently added movies thumbs, so I know it’s hitting the DB. But it’s locked up again and I’ve got no response from any method. (KB, SSH, web server, CEC remote)

OK, I went and dropped the new DB and rebooted the working OSMC. It did update the library. Took about 6 seconds to complete. So I know that I now for sure have a good DB. I also temporarily relocated the old version of the DB to make sure that it can’t be seen. I rebooted the problem pi, and still locking up as soon as it gets to the confluence screen. It is still showing the thumbs for recently added, and they are in fact what is in the only DB it can see (the upgraded one). I’m also seeing the connections from this OSMC instance logged on the server. So I know it knows about the new DB, and is using it.
So given that this issue persists even after verifying that the DB situation is good, I’m thinking this lockup has something to do with something other than a DB related problem.
Note that the successful upgrade is a Pi B+ the problem one is a Pi2 in case that makes any difference…

Try renaming your .kodi folder on the Pi then rebooting. If it now works copy advancedsettings.xml sources.xml and passwords.xml from the backup folder to the new .kodi folder

Right here:



Thanks for the link. I must have overlooked that item in the FAQ. However, it still doesn’t quite help because I can’t even get to a console. The whole thing locks up as soon as it’s close to the end of the boot process.

hmm…that gives me an idea…I wonder if I can quickly get to a console before it gets to the main confluence screen