OSMC updates affect settings

I recently started using OSMC instead of Raspbmc and am having a problem with updates. When an update is applied my MPG2 and WVC1 licence codecs get wiped (inside Programs/OSMC settings/Pi Config). Also the movie scraper gets changed. Is this normal? I have tried using backup settings before update but that does not seem to help. Comments appreciated. Many thanks.

No that is not normal - none of the updates touch the config.txt file at all, and nobody else has reported losing their license files after an update.

Can you provide a copy of your config.txt file before and after the update ? (Assuming that the problem is reproducible)

Thanks for your quick response. I had changed the update schedule from “daily” to “never” to avoid my apparent problem and did a manual scan after receiving your message. The config.txt file was unchanged as you predicted. The wiping problem occurred when I did the automatic update a few days ago. I can’t see that did anything differently this time. I have reset the update schedule to daily again and will keep a check on things for a few days to see if I can reproduce what happened. Apologies if I have raised an non-existent problem! Again many thanks.