OSMC Vero and Licenses

Hi Sam,

Do you know if OSMC Vero have HDMI license, SISVEL and MPEG-LA, and especially this about Dolby and DTS stuff as I could not find it None about your product at any of this websites as licensee.

I also mail HDMI, Dolby and DTS to check if device is licensed to dont make myself headache on import and penalty.

I am asking this because in country from where I am they block import if manufacturer dont pay it. Currently I am in EU so I can buy OSMC Vero and bring it with my self but just to ask in case it dont arrive on a time.


Hi Flipster

These licenses are covered. Where HW decode is not used a software fallback is implemented.

If you let me know where you plan to have it shipped I can advise you of any import regulations and duty incurred


I am planning to ship it in Brazil.