Osmc website and forum not working on pc?

When trying to access osmc forum on pc I get a blank page and when I try the osmc website I get hugely enlarged graphics and odd looking text in chrome and edge.

On iPad using safari it works perfectly fine.

Did you turn your devices off and back on again?

Yes just now I restarted the pc didn’t help

Writing this in the tablet

Cached cleared? Also you could try incognito mode to see if it is a cache problem

Incognito mode didn’t help, I have ccleaner installed that wipes the cache every time I close the browser. Didn’t help though

Maybe it’s a problem with the CDN in your region.
Does https://discourse-cdn.osmc.tv load for you?

A screenshot might help to understand the problem.

Issue is over, don’t know what it was. Spent some time in bed now came back to the computer and everything is back to normal. Could be CDN I guess