OSMC with 5inch Touchscreen

Hey guys!

I’m using this display: http://www.waveshare.com/wiki/5inch_HDMI_LCD

The display itself is working, but not so the Touchscreen. Is my Display not Supported to OSMC or do I have to install some further drivers?

Hope someone can help


I’ve been searching for a solution to this issue as well. And there are only
7 results for "Waveshare touch"
8 results for "Waveshare"

Following the links ActionA appears to have attached to pretty much every post asking for help getting these things to actually work.

I’m not sure if ActionA is aware of a solution that used to be available, but isn’t anymore, or is simply being facetious and posting the link to quickly add a reply to the post, but in either situation, it really isn’t helpful, as the links lead to a revolving door of people asking for help, then finding only the link that leads back to a list of posts of people asking for help.

But yea… After spending almost a week, 4 - 5 hours a day searching for a solution to the problem that everyone seems to be having with OSMC and these touchscreens, i’m still no closer.

If someone knows of a solution to the touchscreen only working in the top left corner of the screen, please, help us all out and post a link directly to that solution. It would serve much better than a generic search link that produces no solutions.

I used this link for my 7 inch eGalax touchscreen: www.markamc.co.uk/raspberry-pi-2-osmc-egalax-touchscreen
It should be working for 5 inch waveshare as well.

With this solution my touchscreen works very well after startup of osmc. After some minutes the y-axis looses calibration and shifts upwards for some millimeters.

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Thank you Karower, i’ll geve that a try. :smiley:

Unfortunately, after reading through that, it appears it’s for USB based touch displays, the one i have uses the rpi’s GPIO’s instead of USB for the touch connecction.