I would like to set up a Raspberry Pi running OSMC with an attached hard drive which is formatted for OSX. In fact this external hard drive has my iTunes library on it, and I no longer have the Mac computer that once used to access this drive.

Can OSMC running on a Raspberry pi recognize the iTunes library on the attached OSX-formatted drive? Do I need to mount this drive with code somehow or is it automatic? Will I be able to access this drive over my home network to add new MP3s to it?

Also, I want to control playback of this system from Yatse (running the actual Pi without a monitor, and connecting it to my stereo with the 1/8" audio out). Will Yatse download the metadata from my entire iTunes library so that I can browse the whole thing from my phone and initiate playback remotely from there (it’s an Android phone)?

Alternatively, is there a better solution that I haven’t thought of? I’m already running OSMC on a couple Pis in my house and I’m happy with it.

Thanks for your help


If you’re already running devices using OSMC, just plug the drive in and see if you can see it.

For accessing a drive over the network, you will need to install Samba from the OSMC App Store in MyOSMC.

As for Yatse, you should ask that on the Kodi forum as it is not something OSMC specific.

Thank you. Samba is something installed on the Pi, correct? Not on the remote machine attempting to access the drive attached to the pi? I seem to remember being told to access my other pi through Samba from a machine running OSX but the Mac was already able to see the pi and read/write to it.

Yes, Samba Server from App Store

As @yknivag you can try to connect it and see if it is recognised. But long term HFS format might not be the best. So if you don’t want to switch back and force between the Pi and MAC I suggest to backup your data and format the drive as EXT4.
Anyhow OSMC would find your mp3 files but not import/understand your itunes library itself.

Yes/No, assuming you add the MP3 files to the OSMC Library OSMC (Kodi) will download the Metadata and that Metadata then will be displayed in Yatse

Thanks! In the meantime a friend suggested I plug the OSX drive into a Windows computer which is always on and download a utility that allows Windows to see to see that drive, like macdrive. Then I could point the OSMC/Pi to that volume as a network drive, right? OSMC can be pointed to a network drive?

Is this a better solution? I do have the Windows machine that is always on

Yes, possibel to do that, but why would you like to do that? Doing it from Pi saves you one machine!
Also why do you want to stick to use HFS on that dirve?

Just because the drive already has my iTunes library and it’s already formatted OSX. It would save me the trouble of moving 200 gigs, then reformatting the drive and moving it back. And I still occasionally use my ipod. I think it would be nice to be able to sync to it if I wanted

Well than stick to your windows path to allow itunes sync with the IPOD. But to be honest backing up 200G and reformat most likely would be less work than sticking to HFS in the long run.

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