OSMC's April update is here - OSMC


Since this update should have solved all the PCM issues, just tell Kodi that your AVR can’t handle DTS-HD, and let Kodi decode it and send as PCM.


Yes but this is a workaround.

When i send the signal as pcm, is it exactly the same as using passthrough?

Is the only difference that my avr doesn’t show up dts hra etc. or am i missing some avr internal sound improvements than?


Yes — it’s the same. PCM will be fine.

The issue is confirmed not to be a Kodi / OSMC issue but a fault with Denon receivers. We are seeing what we can do, but Denon could be more cooperative.


My DENON AVR-X1100W works fine with OSMC on Passthrough


You seem to be an exception among Denon owners on this forum.


If I remember Denon numbering right, his is a lower end model that is 3 generations old. It may not have the same chipset as the current models, and even if it does, it may not get the exact same updates that have caused the issues.


I’m fine with it


That’s indeed very likely. Only models which support DTS:X are affected. So, this one shouldn’t show the HRA issue in the first place.

Most Denon users who don’t have problems (using older or high-end models) are probably just not showing up here :wink:


No issues with Marantz AV8802a, but I don’t dare upgrade to AV8805