OSMC's February Update lands with Kodi Jarvis

We recently announced that the next version of Kodi, 16.0, codenamed Jarvis had hit the Release Candidate stage.

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One thing to note is upon initial startup of Jarvis it may appear frozen for up to 10 minutes as it updates the databases. Do NOT interrupt the process, just give it time.

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Added to blog post.

Great News!

Just a notice: latest image on Download - OSMC is still 2016.01

Images need to be build (which takes time) so they are normally coming a couple of days later.

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If You have a support question please start a new thread in the relevant Help Forum

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Nice work, Sam!

For me, the most interesting addition is this tidbit at the end

Could you expand on this a little? Is this enabled by default now? I see from the linked thread that it has mixed feedback (great idea but buggy in places).

Really looking forward to trying out this!

It’s not enabled by default as enabling it requires config.txt settings - we don’t alter your config.txt unless you use the Pi config or overclock modules in My OSMC.

To test it follow the instructions to modify config.txt on the Raspbery Pi forum thread.

I think the story is that the improvement in audio quality is great.
However it’s flaky. If it goes wrong, it stays wrong until you reboot.

So, not ready for prime-time, but it will one day not be flaky.
If you are using analogue audio and wondering about upgrading to a USB/I2S sound card,
then it may be worth testing this to see if the audio quality is good enough for you.

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Can I check the updateis working pproperly, as it iisn’t showing the ‘events’ tab for instance when it is on another of my devices not running osmc.

I’m hhaving nightmares with llibrary not building then myvideos99.db not rregenerating after dropping.

Events is disabled by default in OSMC

Did you try enabling it in Settings?

As posted above, please start a separate thread for support.

goodjob guys. any ETA on disk images ?


I’m also interested to know where I can find the new disk images. As others have stated the download page doesn’t seem to be updated yet.

There is usually a delay between when a new version is released as updates and when a new image is created.

However there is no real difference between installing the previous release and updating than installing an updated image other than the extra time taken to install the updates. You end up with the exact same versions of packages after the update.

A new image wil be released in due course, but in the meantime simply install the previous image and update from My OSMC as soon as the install has finished.

Disk images will be released when 2016.02-2 lands

There seems to be some problems on this update with Hifiberry extension cards on Raspberry 2. Did you already planned next release date? Just wondering whether wait or revert back to previous version.

By the way very nice feature/bug fix list!

Stuart Maclean from HifiBerry contacted me regarding HifiBerry issues on Pi 3. I am not aware of any on Pi 2.