OSMC's July update is here - OSMC

at this point I confirm it as working.:slight_smile:

Is the useragent removed from OSMC now? :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s now removed from Kodi. There’s some background on why here:

I suppose there are no performance updates brought to the Rpi 3?

What performance update were you expecting?

Love it Sam. Keep up the good work.

OSMC updates usually improve performance in a platform agnostic way unless otherwise mentioned (i.e. Vero 4K in this update). There are no performance improvements that specifically target the Pi 3 in this update.


Hi Sam
Really good work for the Vero4
I try one of my bad PVR files , last month OSMC/Kodi crash after some minutes, since the July update the record is allways ugly, but i can see the file, ok with noises and stuttering, but without crash. And for the first episode of a TV Series, that is better then nothing.

After update to July Update the PVR Client VU Plus will no longer start…
Two times i do a recovery install… without update it works…

The news announcement is not for reporting issues, please open a new thread and provide respective logs

Hello, I had an Error on my RPi3, it says error occurred installing package pbp-userland-osmc (2.4.0-1), and asked me to report it here :), hope this is the right place. But seems to work fine ;).

Nope, it’s not, as stated by fzinken above. Open a new thread. Thanks.


I noticed background scanning issue has now been resolved. Do I need to delete this line I made before update?.
BackgroundScanning=false resolved

You don’t need to change anything in ConnMan.conf for this update to work as expected. There were some issues with networks not being detected reliably with this change; so we have actually reverted it back.

Dear Sam, My Husband has recently acquired a OSMC Vero 4K Box from you his name is Terence Riley.
I / we cannot set this box up to our Samsung TV because the information instructions are to vague and we are both in our 70’s.
I would be obliged if you could could give me some information in layman’s terms how to set this box up please because we are very simple people and our knowledge about computer equipment is very very limited.
Please help us because at the moment the box is just sitting here doing nothing until we can get it sorted.

Yours faithfully,

Glynis Riley

Hello Glynis

Have you used OSMC / Kodi before?

You should find the experience familiar if you have; but otherwise, there will be a bit of a learning curve to begin with.

It would be good to work out if you have any past experience with OSMC or Kodi, or even other devices, then we can get an idea of where to start.



This can be useful as well!

Simply notify :slight_smile:
Kodi 17.4 apparently it’s out…

@sam_nazarko thanks for explain pm :slight_smile: I know there’s a differer release cicle now… i also secure this version come to osmc on next future :slight_smile: Thanks in advance :wink:

This thread isn’t really for discussion of future updates; it’s intended for the July update.

Kodi v17.4 will be released in the next OSMC update when it’s stable. You can test it in the staging repository if you’d like to.

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