Out of box experience

I just want to share my out of box experience of the Vero4k+. First of all I noticed that the warranty seal is almost broken on the device I received

Then I booted the device and ended up with blue screen with sad looking smiley. I then downloaded the imaging tool and created a boot disk to reload the software. Now the device is working.

I do hope that this will not be the experience I will have in the future. But what about this seal? Will this cause problems on warranty claims?


Sorry to hear you had a problematic out of box experience. Did you possibly remove power to the device during the initial boot?

The sticker is not a warranty seal. It is to identify manufacturing batches. The seal for the case is elsewhere — you’d need to open it to find it :slight_smile:


@sam_nazarko same smiley experience had my colleague today. He had to reflash. Mine (14 days ago) had also smiley on first boot, but after that it booted okay. No worries, we are both happy users :smiley:
Edit: fist boot was on FullHD TV

Can you let me know your order #s?

A bad flash happens occasionally, but for the two of you to both get this issue sounds very strange and I’d like to look in to it.

Very much possible that I removed power during first boot. Order number was 21181

My colleagues was 21200. Just plugged

Thanks. These two devices were flashed by different network switches; so it should hopefully just be an unfortunate coincidence. I’ll keep an eye on things

Thank you Sam. Btw. feedback on OSMC installer:

On install option is possible to choose SD card only.

and then you can choose USB device without issues. It’s bit confusing as I was starting to look for some SD Card on first screen :slight_smile:

That is for the final destination of where OSMC should be installed and has nothing to do on which Installation Medium the Installer should be written to

Vero has eMMC :grin:. As i said, it’s bit confusing.

Another feedback on the omsc installer. At higher dpi screens (with dpi scaling) the UI is broken making it very hard to select the right options.

I am re-writing the installer and am aware of these two issues. The new installer will be browser based; so should look good on all platforms.

Vero 4K didn’t exist when this installer was developed; so it was a little shoehorned in.


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Dude, stop, you are making me buying another box with this approach :+1::grin: