Out of box :( sadface

Sooo, just plugged mine into tv and after some booting up it gives only sad face and loops it up every 10 seconds.

What do i have to do? Thanks already.

Try plugging in a USB keyboard and when you see the sad face, press the ESC key. This should give you a login prompt.

Default userid is osmc and password is osmc.

When logged on, run the command grab-logs -A and let us know the URL it gives.

Edit: If you don’t have network connection, use:

grab-logs -A -C

This will copy the log to /boot/uploadlog.txt.

Then you’ll need to insert a USB flash drive and run the command df. The flash drive should appear as /media/xxxxxxx where xxxxxxxx is a label for the drive.

Then run

cp /boot/uploadlog.txt /media/xxxxxxx

You can now move the flash drive to a PC. Please paste the contents of uploadlog.txt into http://paste.osmc.io and provide us the URL it returns.


I’m sorry to hear this.

Easiest solution, as you have nothing on the device, is to go to osmc.tv/download and reinstall OSMC.