Out of box Vero 4k Issue

I just purchased a Vero 4k. I am at the screen to select language but am unable to do so. The arrows on the bottom bring up a “not available” message and the “OK” button brings up the connection info. No other buttons do anything. I’m stuck on that page. Please help. Do i return device? What should i do?

Thank you in advance


I believe you also emailed and I replied. If you didn’t receive the message, here it is for your reference (and possibly the benefit of others).

Hi Brian

No need to return the device.
Something doesn’t sound right.

Are you using the included remote controller?
Can you take a photo of what you see?



Arrows at the bottom? You should navigate with the arrows around the OK button. You could perhaps try connecting a USB keyboard and see if there’s any difference.

The installation should look kinda like this https://youtu.be/-9vgJ4u4saI?t=311 and with up/down you should be able to select language.