Owncloud and Kodi

Dear OSMC users and developers,
On my RPi2, Owncloud 7 with MySQL works fine in parallel with the OSMC RC. However, controlling Kodi via http does no longer work then, which I suspect to be due to Apache running as Owncloud’s webserver. Is there any way to work around that? I really enjoy the Yatse app on my phone to control music being played from the Pi.
Thanks for a hint!

From memory, isnt there a way to change the http port in Kodi Settings?

Yep, you can change the kodi webserver port under Settings->Services->Webserver. The default is 80.

Thanks, that did it. Changed this port to 8080 in Kodi and did:
“sudo ufw proto tcp from to any port 8080”
now I can locally use Yatse and Owncloud still works.

Hey there, sry for opening this thread again. I´m trying to run osmc and owncloud parallel and having trouble with it.
As Waldkauz meant he did the job I would be interested how you did it. Any tutorials, step summarising?

My problem is that after setting the whole thing up and trying to install owncloud it just doesn´t ask for any password username etc during installation. And of course there is no owncloud running on localhost/owncloud
Any suggestion what´s causing this issue?