P2P Streams [Problem]

Hello guys, i’m using OSMC for a few weeks now and it works very well. The Design is awesome and the speed is amazing.

I was looking for my problem on the internet but can’t seem to find any solution, so maybe you guys have an ideea. When i’m using P2P Streams, the stream is working great but after 20-30 minutes it just stops working and i get a black screen for a few minutes then it goes back to the OSMC menu. I can restart the stream but it does the same over and over again.

When i first installed P2P Streams it said that it couldn’t detect the OS i was using and i had to manually choose one. I can’t remember anymore what the choices were.

It worked well on Raspbmc.

I’m using the Raspberry Pi 2 with the original SD Card and a LAN connection.


is it working for you, as for me i have’t worked yet even after installing p2p many times.