PCM passthrough is not entirely passthrough

I recently posted about the Vero being used as a transport for a USB DAC, and I noticed in a stereo system that with everything enabled for passthrough, I could still adjust volume using the Kodi remote. That suggests the Vero is processing the PCM when it’s not desired/needed as the passthrough options don’t seem to affect PCM sources.

I just repeated the test on an mkv file with a 5.1 PCM soundtrack into my 7.1 AVR (there are quite a few titles with PCM audio), and although the channel layout is preserved, it’s clear that volume processing is still active, whereas for a DTS-HD/Dolby passthrough, volume processing is not active.

Would it be possible to have an option for fully disabling volume management where it’s desirable to ensure that volume is only being managed in one place, as we can’t do this currently with PCM sources?

Kodi itself always applies software volume control to PCM playback. To ensure that the PCM stream is not altered just turn up volume to 100%.

Besides that, we can’t control how Kodi handles PCM - as it’s part of Kodi’s business.

We can – but we’d to know where and why it’s not doing the right job.

@ac16161 Is volume set to 100%?

What makes this ‘clear’ (for reproducibility purposes)?

By clearly active, I meant that touching a volume button on the iPad Kodi remote app, which I use a lot in my main system, will change the volume. I’d prefer to lock-out the Kodi volume control entirely.

Probably not the highest priority item on the community to-do list :slight_smile: