Permanently remove/change files/directories?

Hi, my case is trivial but I thought maybe this could be interesting in general as well.
In /media there’s a README file. I only have one hdd attached and because I’m a lazy person I type / and m and tab. Now in /media if there’s only one entry a single tab would choose the hdd.
I once deleted the README file but after next update I noticed that it’s there again.
Any way delete it permanently or better said make a change survive future updates?

That readme file is part of the contents of one of the OSMC packages, (I don’t remember which) so if that package is ever updated the missing file(s) are reinstated automatically.

By the way, just press TAB a second time to skip to the next file/folder, no need to delete the README file…

Pressing tab second time shows up the possibilites, in my case hdd and README.
Typing “h” and tab gets my to directory. Without the README is just press tab one and I’m in /media/hdd.
Nevermind, I’ll just delete the README file after each update, no problem.