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I currently have the idea of creating a dispenser for pill medication. My only problem being focused on is that : Sarkari Result Pnr Status

1.) I want to make a dispenser that’ll detect and notify the user that there is no more medicine in the storage compartment of the dispenser where you pour the medicine in. So in that way, it’ll light up an LED to notfiy the user

2.) When the medicine is dispensed and not taken after a certain time, it’ll send an alert to the user’s phone to remind them.

What kind of device could I use in order to detect something as small as a pill in the above scenarios? Ive been recommended color sensors, weight scales, LED + light sensor (photodiode), and a microswitch with a soft trigger on the base where the medication is dispersed. I need something efficient thats compatible with a raspberry pi if anything comes to mind. Thank you.

I suggest you ask this on the Raspberry Pi forum or a generic Linux forum, this is in no way media centre related so not really in scope for OSMC


A string on the finger works

You are probably better off using something like a Wemos D1 Mini which can be programmed with Arduino IDE. Its got a ESP8266 for Wifi so you can setup notifications.

For the sensors as the pill is very small and doesn’t weigh much its going to be tricky to use a scale. I would go with a infrared and photo sensor.

Have a look on
There are loads of sensors you can buy. (You can find the same thing on eBay or Banggood)

If you want to use the RPI you can use the same sensors but then you will have to program it with python or c. (With the Arduino you just download the libraries for the sensors and look through the same code)

But as poster said above you are probably better off asking on the RPI or electronics form.

Probably the biggest electronics forum:

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