Pi 2 - Interlaced Live TV in Latest Builds?

I stuck with OSMC running Kodi 18.9 back when version 19 first came out, as the new Video engine didn’t offer hardware decoding at the time and I assumed that my UK Freeview TV signal (via another machine running Tvheadend) would be badly compromised on my lowly Pi 2. Looking back through the various blogs in the meantime, it looks like hardware decoding of MPEG-2 and VC-1 did ultimately make their way back into the build, but I’m still not sure if interlaced content (e.g. the standard definition live broadcast Freeview channels) is expected to work on a Pi 2 these days.

Upgrading speculatively is a bit of a pain for me, as I’ve got multiple OSMC devices that I like to keep on the same version as each other so they can share a common MySQL video and music library, so any pointers on what to expect would be most appreciated!

Many thanks in advance,



You can expect some deinterlacing with Kodi v20 on OSMC.

As long as you don’t play HEVC material, you should be OK



Awesome - thanks Sam!