Pi 4 HDMI 1 audio passthough, video on HDMI 0


I was wondering if OSMC supports this (in the future).

I have a LG 4K Oled TV and a Marantz SR7007. The Marantz does not support HDR, so I’m trying to connect the Pi 4 with HDMI 0 to the the TV and the HDMI 1 to the Marantz. This should give me HDR on the TV and passthrough (DTS MSTR Audio, True HD) on the Marantz. I can select HDMI 1 as a sound device, but there is no sound output. Will this be implemented in the future? Or should it work and I’m missing something?

I also tried this on LibreElec, and there it works. But I prefer OSMC.


Which version of LibreELEC did you try this on where it worked?
Does it work on recent builds, i.e. LE10?

If so – it should be functional on OSMC as well.

Keep in mind there is no HDR passthrough yet on LE or OSMC. There are some improvements to colour space output however on both platforms.



I used libreelec version 10.0.1, that’s the latest.

When I use a HDR file, it says HDR on my TV.

It’s possible you need to change the ALSA configuration.
I can’t imagine it being much more than that if the device shows up.

I guess I need to do: sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf
But what would I need to look for and change?

I’m not sure – but you could compare it on LE vs OSMC.