PI freezes without reasons

in the last time, I often find my raspberry pi 2 frozen. I had this issue with the previously release and it seems that with the latest it happens more frequently.
The only solution is unplug it.
My RP2 isn’t attached to any usb device (only lan).

Here is my logs: http://paste.osmc.io/pegigoveju.dos

The system is still reachable over ssh
Do you have any tips?

I have similar issue, but in my case device is not reachable at all, seems like network is down completely.
The only thing that helps is to unplug.

I suspect it has started somewhere in May, but i can confirm that after the latest update freezes occur more frequently.

Please help!

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Raspberry Pi does not support a “standby” mode.

Yes, we know. We mean that it happens when our tv is turned off and our pi is only waiting (i never turn it off).

I confirm that these freezes are more frequent with the august update (I’ve restored my backup and it works quite well) and sometimes my PI is not reachable over network and I have to unplug it.

First guess is a power problem. What power supply is in use?

A good power supply 1A, at least.
It’s a good tip but consider that after restoring my backup, it freezes seldom while with the august update I had to unplug it two or three times/day

1A is nowhere near enough to power an Rpi2. Successive updates to OSMC have often resulted in increased demands for power. A weak supply may have worked in the past but as performance tweaks have been made, a quality supply that provides sufficient power has been more detrimental.

I’ve checked: my power supply is 1.2A (this one: power supply)
only to know: could you explain how an OSMC update can result in increased demands for power? I’ve never had freezes while watching movies or other CPU demanding activities.

Thank you

1.2A is still insufficient for a Pi2

is it true also if I don’t use the usb ports?

Also, watching movies is not cpu intensive at all as the gpu does the decoding on much less power.

During the development of osmc, tweaks were introduced, that made the experince smoother by using unused cpu power.
This results in higher power usage.

Ok. I’ll try with a better power supply and let you know.

Thank you for your time

It is worth a try.
I use a 10A supply and OSMC never hangs when running 24/7.

Lol! Very huge!

I had often issues during dist updates. Sometimes it finished well other times I had no boot.
Probably it is related to power supply, too!

At last, I’ve got my 2.5A supply power and…all the problems disappeared!
Thank you

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