PI Storage

I’m curious what people are using for PI storage… My current storage I have buffering issues with, even if I muck with advancedsettings.xml.

testing the performance of my card only got about 4-5 MB/s…

will the PI3 take advantage of a SD card with 80/90 write rate or am I better off just getting a USB drive to attach to it… Tried a USB stick but performance wasn’t any better.

I am building a new setup for my girlfriend sister’s with kodi running off a USB drive and getting 35 MB/s, the bad thing though is that if I need to redo it the installer will wipe the whole drive, including movies, etc. Therefore I would need to back it up before redoing…

Anyways just wanting to see what others are using for storage.

I’d recommend you keep the SD card for OSMC and hold your storage data on an attached USB drive. Apparently the SD card bus is only around 20 Mbytes/sec. Raspberry Pi 3 micro SD card speed - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

yeah but then i have to deal with buffering issues…

If the card too slow to supply the data, then you need to find a faster storage medium. Messing with cache or readfactor won’t help.

yeah that’s why I plan to just get a small 1TB hard drive for about $50. I was just curious as to what others have done… I bought a new samsung EVO plus 32 GB sdcard and didn’t solve anything.

Than you clearly have either a fake card or another problem. Evo Plus card should be able to playback any content the Pi could decode in a timely manner

I found the EVO works better than EVO+ but the EVO+ did come in ‘frustration-free’ packaging so may have been fake.