Pi ZERO - what are the speed settings for 1GHz?

The zero defaults to 850MHz not 1GHz under the January & December builds 1GHz has to be set using custom.
Do I use the same settings used for 950MHz ?

Also what is the procedure for resetting to default if you overclock too high and cant boot ?
Delete or replace /boot/config.txt ??

Remove the clock settings in /boot/config.txt for now.

This is a bug (unresolved) in the installer which underclocks the Zero. The optimal clock speeds for Zero are already set by default

Not sure how to that as there’s no delete function in Pi editor and cant find config.txt via ssh.

And I don’t want to dismantle pibow case to pull out microSD, so will wait for sorted update.
Nice fast reply though. :osmc::smiley:

Also BOGOmips weirdess …
any idea why my Pi2 says 57.60 while the zero says 847.52 !
Not implemented well enough for Pi2 ?


Edit with sudo nano. There won’t be an update to fix this. We never touch people’s config.txt post install

BogoMips hasn’t correlated to cpufreq since 3.12 changes if memory serves

Don’t worry too much about numbers, focus on real world performance


That worked, and I take your point about the figures :grinning:

Powered off over night and … the 850MHz settings are back in config.txt defo a bug.
Is the overclock page hard coded ? … as the speed options do not reflect the current 1GHz setting.

Not necessarily a bug. Don’t open the Pi Overclock settings once you’ve set them. They haven’t been updated for Zero profile yet.

Edit: have mentioned to @Karnage however.

I was just wondering if a fix has been out in place for this bug yet? Just done a fresh install a few days ago (along with the update that came out last night), and I’ve noticed under My OSMC > Over clock, it says the default and current freq is 850. Am I just being stupid and reading it wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for all your work, honestly (:

I’m not sure. I did add some code to detect Pi Zero but didn’t have one to test at hand. Ideally we want to step through the installer and see why this is happening

That’s not a problem. If you unable to get your hands on a P0, then I don’t mind being offering some time, if you don’t mind putting up with my sometimes silly questions.