Pi Zero2 with TV module - various

after some time, i tried again osmc on a little pi Zero, this time the version 2 and… well it’s amazing! on the old ZeroW OSMC was simply not usable, too slow and laggy, but now it’s very very good! so i’m planning to use this with an old tv…
So, some questions :slight_smile:

  • tv channels quality, specifically the SD ones, seems bad (i mean, worse than the expected SD). They seems “interlaced” when images are moving, i hope it is clear what i mean… HD channels seem not to have this issue. Is there something known with the official Pi TV hat about this? or something i could try?
  • changing channels using the remote controller is a mess. I found no way to manage 3-digits channels, since as soon as i digit the first two numbers, the channel switches and i found no config for this…
  • i’m using a simple 2.0 audio setup, so with movies i get downmix and dialogs in the center channel get covered by other sounds. Is there a way to boost the central channel in downmix, since i can no longer find the “Boost Centre Channel on Downmix” setting?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: magically, che remote started switching to three digits channel, so this is ok.
But i found out that i can’t see DVB-T2 (HEVC) channels, am i missing something? the dongle should be dvb-t2…

There is no deinterlacing on Pi with the new video stack at this time. See Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC.

Which remote controller are you using?

Unfortunately this setting was removed due to some ffmpeg changes, but may come back in the future.

If using TVHeadend, it could be that the muxes are out of date and need manually adjusting.

Thanks for the clarifications on de-interlacing and central channel volume with downmix, so i can just hope for the future :slight_smile:

i’m only using CEC controls, can it behave differently with different tv remote? i don’t think so… am i wrong?

Sorry, i haven’t understood this. i’ve just installed it and made a full search. The point is not the HEVC channels are missing, they are present, but when i select them i can see nothing (it just freezees on the previous channel last image)…


The Pi Zero2 would not be able to decode HVEC with the current Software Stack. If it will do so in the future would depend on the complexity of the HVEC streams you try to play.

oh, ok, i thought the decode would be on the tv hat itself, since it’s DVB-T2…
thanks for clarifying it :slight_smile: