PI2 and hifiberry digi+


I can not figure out how to get the hifiberry digi+ to work with the raspberry pi 2 and alpha4.

Does somebody have a clue?


updated the kernel:
Now the overlays work (/boot/overlays)

Also followed these instructions:
(need to figure out how to keep the snd_bcm2835, I want to use it for sqeezelite.)

Hifiberry is now recognised and works in OSMC. But no DTS or DD.

I also successfully configured the hifiberry digi+ with rpi2 and osmc alpha 4 and both DD and DTS through hifiberry is working fine, the only thing that is not working for me is setting up different soundcard for normal output (I want pi:hdmi) and passthrough (hifiberry) output. There is no sound then for DTS/DD content. When I set both outputs as hifiberry, DTS/DD working fine as I stated… I am gonna install latest RC of OSMC and will report if anything changes…

Alright I just updated to the RC and the behavior is the same - hifiberry does function only when I select the same output (ALSA…) for the normal and the passthrough, otherwise there is no sound while playing DD/DTS :frowning:
Is there something else I can try to configure to make it work?
Is there a way to configure two simultaneous audio outputs?
Thanks for any help…

Hi neo,

Did you get any resolve on this? I’m having the exact same issue.

Hi digitalis,
This issue is still present for me, how about you?

What has this link got to do with our issue??? Please read before posting.

This ancient thread demonstrates OP wish to achieve function of digi+ under Alpha4. We’ve since moved on through RC1-RC3 and now to a final stable version. I’ve provided a link to official documentation describing how to achieve function of the device now that none of OPs kernel swaps are necessary.

So my question to you is, what does your issue have to do with OP’s post? Please create an appropriately titled thread for your own issue rather than hijacking long dead ones.