Pi2 Build of OSMC - Arm v7 build?


I’m testing the new OSMC on a Pi2. So far I’m impressed. Is the Pi2 build compiled for the arm7 architecture like the arch linux build?


The Pi 2 build is based on armhf (arm7) debian, whereas the Pi 1 build is based on Raspbian. (armv6)

The Kernel, Kodi and many other OSMC packages are also compiled specifically with armv7 versions of the code.

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Thank you for your answer.

What arch linux build? I’m trying to find one for the Arm v7 in arch linux and can’t. The AUR uses either i686 or x86_64. I haven’t found a version that can be installed on an arch linux ARM computer.

The pi builds are based on Debian, not Arch.