Pi2 does not detect HDMI modes, same circumstances Pi1 does

Hello community,

I have the following problem:
My Raspberry Pi2 does not detect HDMI-Screen-Modes.
I set it manually to 1920x1080 60Hz in Kodi and it works fine, but it statters with e. g. 24P Movies because Kodi doesnt switch frame rate because the supported modes of my TV are not known.

If I run Kodi with my Pi1, all works fine out of the box without switching manually.

If I perform tversvice -m CEA on my Pi1 I get 20 supported modes. tvervice -n outputs my Denon AVR.

If I perform tversvice -m CEA on my Pi2 I get only two modes: 1280x720 60Hz and 1920x1080 60 Hz. tvservice -n outputs “[E] No device present”.

The connected devices are in both cases exactly these:

A Denon AVR 1100 at HDMI which is connected with a Philips TV 46PFL3118K/12.
In both cases TV and AVR where switched on before the Pi was switched on, the AVR was set to the HDMI-Input of the Pi. A reboot did not change something.

Can someone help my what to do that my Pi2 can detect the HDMI modes correctly?

Thanks in advance

Do you experience the same behavior when testing without the avr and connected directly to the TV?

I’ve just tried it: Connected TV direct to my Pi2, turned on the TV and switched to the appropiate input, turned on the pi2 and got exactly the same behaviour.


Is everything exactly the same when you switch to Pi2? Including the same hdmi cable?

It sounds like the HDMI edid is not able to be read. That can be caused by a broken hdmi cable.

Yes, as described everything is exactly the same: HDMI Cable, Power Supply, Network Cable.
The problem is reproducable.

The only thing I can imagine is some sort of damage to hdmi connector on Pi - can you see anything suspicious?
Anything bent, or shorted together inside the plug or where it is soldered to board?

As a workaround, can you try this:

But capture the edid.dat file on the Pi1 and copy it to the Pi 2. That should allow the Pi 2 to use the correct edid and so see all the hdmi modes supported.

Thank you for that information. I will do the solution with the EDID file.