Pi2 - OSMC - Some residues double folder on BOOT folder...... how i can clean?

After the last recent problems whit fault kernel upgrade of 4.4.13-x version now i have looked on my “BOOT” Folder and i can see inside of it it’s present some double file… i have for example:

  • double similar folder “dtb-4.4.13-1-osmc” and “dtb-4.4.13-5-osmc”
  • i have two config file… one “config-4.4.13-1-osmc” and second “config-4.4.13-5-osmc”

And i have a similar trouble whit also “system.map-xxxx” and “vmlinuz-xxxx”.

I thinks this files it’s be can be cleared launche “sudo apt-get autoremove” but i obtain 0 file to remove when i launch it… it’s normal ?

This is normal. Current and 1 previous kernels/firmwares should remain.

osmc@osmc:~$ ls /boot
LICENCE.broadcom           bootcode.bin         fixup_x.dat
System Volume Information  cmdline.txt          install.log
System.map-4.4.6-4-osmc    config-4.4.6-4-osmc  kernel.img
System.map-4.4.8-7-osmc    config-4.4.8-7-osmc  overlays
bcm2708-rpi-b-plus.dtb     config.txt           start_x.elf
bcm2708-rpi-b.dtb          dtb-4.4.6-4-osmc     vmlinuz-4.4.6-4-osmc
bcm2708-rpi-cm.dtb         dtb-4.4.8-7-osmc     vmlinuz-4.4.8-7-osmc

Ah ok… thanks for information… i can keep this as resolved :slight_smile: