PI2 seems fubar now

first it was high cpu 50%+ and memory down to ~300Mb whilst doing nothing … so I power cycled it and … would not recognize my Samsung monitor (non supported mode) which is a problem that started at some point after updating beyond 14 stable release. I found a workaround powering on the PI2 without monitor powered on then change mode from 640x480 to 720p.
Not this time, got the SAD FACE LOOP, the errors related to hostname and SAMBA LSA.
Now it wont boot any of my cards nor is it recognised by any HDMI TV/monitors - just get no cable attached message and the red & green LEDS are both stuck on.
I could order a brand new NOOBS but it seems like the microSD slot is faulty or some other internal problem,
thoughts RMA it to RS?

The NOOBS images are a bit out of date. If you want to use OSMC as your primary use case, I recommend a fresh install from osmc.tv/download. Let us know how you get on after that, and if you still have an issue, some debug logs will help us get to the bottom of it



Should have reported my success :smile:
I didn’t use a FRESH copy instead I FRESHENED it …
backed up the image blanked it and re-imaged to original microSD and it works fine !