Pi2 to Pi3 without upgrading everything


I use a skin which is not compatible with Isengard or Jarvis (Quartz) and I do not want to upgrade to these versions as it will break the skin.

I want to upgrade from Pi2 to Pi3, I understand I can do this by swapping out the memory card, however I believe I have to update first. Naturally updating will update everything and bork my favourite skin.

Is it possible to just selectively update the driver or whatever is required for the Pi3 whilst staying on Helix?


Do you have the pi3 now ? You could just use Win32DiskImager to backup your current SD image to your pc, then move the SD to the pi3 and fire it up and see if anything bad will happen. You’ll always have the backup to restore if something goes wrong.
But staying back in updates just for a skin is always a bad choice. Updates contain fixes, optimizations etc…you know the drill.

Thanks for the info Sandbird. I have many Pi’s 2 and 3 and many MicroSD cards, so I don’t need to do it that way, but thanks for the suggestion.

And thanks for the tip on keeping updated, I would like to upgrade but my experience is completely bug free on 14.2 and runs in an airgapped environment.

I just need the relevant driver or command to allow the current build benefit from the new hardware.

No idea about any update command that can do that…I know there is a command to hold any bootloader updates from happening…but thats not what you want (i think)…

He needs bootloader and kernel, but this is completely untested. But we never shipped a final version of OSMC with 14.2, so I can’t recommend a reliable upgrade path.

Unless you are operating a SCADA system, I doubt this is necessary :wink:

Thanks for the info Sam.

It’s air-gapped as it is the certificate generator for my vpn certificates!

The bootloader and kernal, where can I find these?

Normally they are rbp-bootloader-osmc and rbp2-kernel-osmc, but you are on an ancient OSMC, so you will need to build these from source from Git and rename the kernel package to just rbp-kernel-osmc (before we introduced armv6l/armv7 split iirc)

This version of OSMC is EOL and didn’t come with any support, so I can only recommend that you upgrade.


If I were to simply build a brand new OSMC with a Pi3, in theory I could just pinch and replace those two files on my 14.2/pi3 RPi right?

And of course pray it actually works.

The kernel and bootloader comprise more than a couple of files, so this will not work reliably. I suspect userland has changed against firmware a bit as well.

Not supported – you’re on your own.

Maybe a crazy idea but couldn’t you just hold the mediacenter packages in aptitude and then run update & upgrade as normal?

Maybe worth imaging a backup first just in case…

Because there won’t be OSMC packages (like kernel and firmware) to upgrade easily. The package structure was different back then.

It seems Quartz is available for Jarvis : [Release] Quartz 5 (Jarvis support)