Pi2No subtitels and no resume /seen for video - maybe i´m stupid?

Hi there! running OSMC on Pi2, video via lan from an NAS (Synology). Woks mostly great but it does not save when i see a video partial (no resume, it starts allways at the beginning), it does not mark a complete seen file as seen and i got no subs (at the last Version before the actual this features works fine). I´m a absolutly newbee and do not know if it is a bug or do i somthing wrong… Please help… Sorry about my english… bye, Dirk

How is your media shared? NFS, SMB or UPNP if you’re using upnp then that’s the problem.

Hmmm UPNP… So i have to change that?

THX, solved, NFS on and everything works!