Pi3 keeps turning my AMP/TV on #HDMI #CEC

I used to have a Pi B+ running Kodi 16 which I replaced with a Pi3 running OSMC. I did not change the CEC settings on my AMP or on the TV. Here are my setting:

+-------------+                                +------+
|  Cable Box  +-------+            +-----------+ #CC2 |
+-------------+       |            |           +------+
                   SAT|       Vid 1|
                      |            |
  +---------+      +--v------------v---+       +---------+
  |         |      |                   |  DVD  |         |
  |   TV    <------+        AMP        <-------+   Pi3   |
  |         |      |                   |       |         |
  +---------+      +-------------------+       +---------+

Before replacing the Pi with the Pi3, turning the TV off would turn the AMP off also, even when the ChromeCast2 or the Pi was playing something. Pressing an input on the AMP from a device that was on, would turn the TV on. For instance, pressing Vid1 on the AMP remote (ChromeCast is always on) would turn the TV on. Same with pressing DVD, because the Pi was always on. Both the TV and the AMP remote could control the Pi

With the Pi3, without touching the CEC configuration on any of the devices, if I turn the TV off, it runs the AMP off, but a few seconds later the AMP turns on again and so does the TV. Both the TV and the AMP remote can still control the Pi3. Only when I disconnect the HDMI cable from the PI3 to the AMP (DVD input) I am able to keep the AMP and the TV off.

If I put the Pi back, it works as before.

I’ve played with all settings on OSMC but I can’t make this go away. Can you guys help?

Forgot to mention that I have the default CEC Adapter settings