Pi3 - Model B, non stop random crashing(SOLVED)

Issue resolved by changing over my USB wall charger I was using. The one I initially used must’ve been to weak to power the system and kept causing reboots. Changed it over the another newer one and issues now resolved

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Got a big issue with my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B randomly restarting. Running it via HDMI to a 60 LG Plasma

Restarts are completing random and I can’t recreate it under any circumstances. Just seem to happen more often when trying to execute certain programs or install addons.

Link to log:


Any help majorly appreciated


Try a different SD card

What skin? How are you powering the pi?


think I may have solved it. The dropouts were just too random to be software related. It would only happen when there’s obvious draw on the system, e.g, rendering video, buffering, etc.
Changed the USB to power socket connection to a different one and it seems fine now. No dropout the last hour of solid using.

Next issue I need to solve are the fact that I can’t control the Kodi UI with my TV remote. Using a wireless keyboard which is perfectly fine but would like to get my remote control working. Also running a Pi3 Model B on my bedroom Panasonic LED and that works just fine with the remote.

Did you enable CEC on your TV? LG is calling it “SimpLink”.

After enabling it, you should see a message from osmc/kodi on startup like “CEC: TV connected” or something like that.

Hi hannes2323,

That did the trick! Didn’t even know about Simplink. Worked first time.

many thanks

Can also confirm that it definitely were the USB wall charger that caused the random reboot issue. Changed it over to another one and it worked, but still showed the little coloured square at the top right corner. Took my work phone charger and that cleared it up completely. Works beautifully now.

Can you please elaborate on the “USB wall charger”? There is no way a phone charger would be sufficient for Raspberry Pi 3. There is a requirement to use a power supply with 2,5A (2500mA) current rating. Normal phone chargers are rated 0,5A sometimes 1A, the best tablet chargers are rated 2,1A and that is istill not sufficient. I can bet my house that your restarts were caused by an insufficient power supply, simple as that.