Pi3, response from IR remote is intermittent during video playback

I have a TSOP38238 IR receiver connected to my Raspberry Pi 3 and have a working lirc .conf file. The remote works great except during video playback, when i often have to press keys on the remote several times before they are registered. This is the second machine I have set up with this problem.
Any ideas how i could rectify this? From some of the reading I’ve done it looks like it could be due to a voltage drop across the GPIO pin. I’m planning on hooking up the 'scope when I get the chance and monitor the pin voltage directly.
Enabling pull up on the pin does not have any effect.

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts!


Please try checking for updates again, as there were a round of updates for May; to fix some issues including IR remotes.

If you are on the latest release or updating does not resolve the issue, please provide debugging logs.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. I was unsure which logs were specifically relevant, so I’ve posted all of them.



01:38:52.549 T:1958248448   DEBUG: OnKey: 169 (0xa9, obc86) pressed, action is Left
01:38:52.561 T:1958248448   DEBUG: CMMALRenderer::RenderUpdate - vsync 18026 (+1)

What settings have you got enabled under, settings, player?

Another possibility is power, as its occurring when media is playing and therefore consuming more resources. You probably using a correct rated power suppy already, but just to be sure it needs to be at-least 2.5 amps. Also if you using usb devices, if your are not already using a self powered usb hub; rather relying on bus power should help.

Thanks Tom.

This is the power supply I use:
5VDC 2.5A
I have had one malfunction before but the ones im using now work quite well.

Under settings, player: I enabled unlimited GUI updates after reading on a forum that that setting might help my problem.
OMXPlayer acceleration is enabled, plus I enabled MMAL to see if that would help.

I connect the legs of the IR receiver directly to the GPIO pins. Is it possible that physical proximity to the processor is interfering?

With this configuration the case closes up nicely:

Having just taken a look at the logs I uploaded… Wow. Thank you for taking the time to help with this!
Do you perchance understand what, for example, KEY_DOWN_UP is? There is no such assignment in the lirc .conf file
> 01:35:41.747 T:1958248448 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 113686:6c 0 KEY_DOWN_UP linux-input-layer (KEY_DOWN_UP) 01:35:41.764 T:1958248448 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 113702:6c 0 KEY_DOWN linux-input-layer (KEY_DOWN) 01:35:41.764 T:1958248448 DEBUG: OnKey: 167 (0xa7, obc88) pressed, action is Down

01:39:44.663 T:1958248448 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 356600:67 0 KEY_UP linux-input-layer (KEY_UP) 01:39:44.664 T:1958248448 DEBUG: OnKey: 166 (0xa6, obc89) pressed, action is Up 01:39:44.999 T:1958248448 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 356936:67 0 KEY_UP_UP linux-input-layer (KEY_UP_UP)


No sorry not sure what KEY_DOWN_UP, is either.

What have you got adjust frame rate and sync to display set to?

Thanks Tom.

Settings ==> Player ==> Videos:
Adjust display refresh rate = off
Sync playback to display = off

Re KEY_DOWN_UP, after asking you that I realized there’s a great resource for such questions; google. :wink: