PiDrive board not WD version, is it compatible?

Has anyone tried the PiDrive backpack board on a Pi2 with OSMC??? I want to buy one, but i don’t want to waste my money if it doesn’t work. I want to buy a 500gb SSD to install on my OSMC Pi2 for my car. My son is getting tired of the same few movies.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. From the Kickstarter it looks like the chip on it is a mSATA to USB chip, therefor it should just show up like any other USB drive. I’m currently waiting on my Pi2 and PiDrive to arrive. I’ll report back if there were any problems.

Cool, let me know if everything is working well too. Thanks!!:slightly_smiling:

So far seems to work well. I’m hopefully going to check how fast it boots up from off and reboot. I’ll post that later. I used a “Samsung mSATA 24 GB SSD Laptop Solid State Drive MZ-MPA0240/0L1” I got from ebay for just under $12.00.

Need to keep in mind case clearances. I’m using an Adafruit VESA mount, And the spacers + screws are just barely tall enough.

Nice,i’ll probably get a 500gb ssd.

I really only need that much. This is a network player, so the stuff taking much of the current 1.5GB of the 24GB is actually the Kodi texturecache of posters and other associated images for TV shows, movies and music albums. I loaded all of that with GitHub - MilhouseVH/ Utility script to manage the XBMC texture cache which definately helps when viewing the library, since it’s already has the cache locally and doesn’t need to go out and get it as you’re browsing the library. I may add another HD as I have the space(old original XBox case) but I need to find an adapter for the regular HD I’ll be using(possibly to take it with when I travel). Glad I could help.

Is this pidrive really faster than a sdcard? For the cost of the adapter and the ssd you can buy a 64 or even 128 GB sdcard…

The creator of the PiDrive answers this best in the description portion of the Kickerstarter campaign:

A SSD is much faster for loading media onto it if you take the drive out and put it on your computer. As for read speeds, i don’t think you need any faster than the slowest microSD card.

MicroSD’s aren’t big enough for me, i use my Pi in my vehicle for the rear seat entertainment, i like to load as much movies and songs onto it as possible. I like to rip my Blu-Rays to make 3-4gb file size movies, so a 128gb can only hold about 36 movies.