Pin Size of Power Adapter for OSMC USB Hub

Hi. Does anyone know the size/diameter of the pin plugged at the back of the USB hub being sold at the OSMC store? I’m trying to find a replacement adapter for it.

I’ll get you those details shortly.

Has something gone wrong with the supplied PSU? I can ship you one promptly


Hi @sam_nazarko. Nothing serious. Friend just wanted to find an adapter with higher amp so all the USB slots can power passport sized HDDs (those that draw power solely from USB). Thanks for asking.

Hi @sam_nazarko. Sorry to bother again but do you have the pin size of the power adapter for the USB hub?

I’ll sort this out for you shortly.

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Thank you!

I measured mine at 3.5mm OD. ID is between 1mm and 2mm, difficult to measure, and +ve is the pin.

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Thanks, @grahamh!

I’m guessing 3.5mm OD, 1.3mm ID? I’m looking for an extension cable for my OSMC USB Hub.

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It’s worth a try.

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thanks @eric2!

FYI all: I think the above Amazon cable works with the OSMC USB Hub. I bought it and tried it. Played an hour worth of movies on it and everything appears to be working normally. I know the OSMC USB Hub (without power cable) will light up when plugged into the Vero 4k+. I tested it with the Amazon cable. I yanked the Amazon extension cable and the hard drives on the hub crapped out. So looks like the Amazon cable worked. :slight_smile:

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Brave. Data still OK?

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@eric2 You’re like one of them mythbusters that do all sorts of experiments :joy:

Yeah, can’t say that was the best idea , lol. The Vero and hard drives were idling. I yanked the power, opened a movie, and I hear the hard drive “clicking” (presumably from insufficient power). Vero became unresponsive. I just powered it all off because the clicking didn’t sound happy, lol. As far as I can tell, no data loss. The data on it isn’t too important. Hard drive is also brand new, has manufacturer warranty, has CC extended warranty, and S.M.A.R.T. still looks happy (crosses fingers).

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