Planned multi-room OSMC setup feedback

Hi there, I have read a few of the existing OSMC forum posts about running a multi-room setup and this useful Kodi MySQL wiki article and I think I have a plan for how I will implement my own setup. I have two separate rooms that I want to be able to play media in:

  • Living room - audio only
  • TV room - audio + video

So far my plan to do this looks like the below but before I rush out and buy any hardware I thought I would post here to see what other people thought of my plan and in particular if there were any potential (or actual) pitfalls with it.

Thanks in advance for any comments!

Well, I got a NAS at home, and doing what you do practically.
I have 2 Vero devices currently active (Vero 2 and Vero 4k), and 4 Raspberry PI’s (2xPI B+, PI2 and PI 3) for audio, and they all connect to the NAS for content on the NFS Shares and MySQL Backend. The PI’s are all connected through WiFI, and the Vero’s both have a Ethernet connection.

What you should do, is change the DB to run on your NAS.
Also, as an advice of a father with 4 kids, 2 still living with me currently: Make sure the NAS has a decent CPU and enough RAM to cache the data.
An Atom 1.6Ghz CPU + 2GB Ram by example was not enough to provide me the require throughput to have more than one Video stream and 2 Audio streams running … Why? I don’t know.

Not sure what you mean by 3.5" HP Jack, but if you care about audio quality in the TV room, don’t use the Pi’s analogue port. Even taking audio from the TV headphone output will be better than that, but a HiFiBerry or USB DAC is best.