Planning to buy Vero 4K. Help required

I am planning to buy Vero 4K to connect to my Sony Bravia and Sony 5.1 Home Theatre System. Can anyone please help if I can connect Vero 4K to these devices seamlessly? I would also like to know whether I can play songs from my iPhone using Bluetooth. Actually, this is not possible using my Raspberry Pi currently.

Thanks in advance

Bluetooth streaming is possible using the A2DP package, for both Pi and Vero 4K.

If the sound system has an HDMI connection or SPDIF, it will work fine.

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Thanks @sam_nazarko. Sound system has both HDMI and SPDIF. But if I connect Vero 4K to sound system using HDMI to support all kinds of audio formats. How is it possible to connect it to TV?

Plug the HDMI cable in to TV
Plug the optical to the sound system. This will get you 5.1 PCM and DTS, Dolby Digital.

For HD formats, you would need an AV receiver / amplifier.

Thanks @sam_nazarko. This is helpful. Hope I will have a good time with the device. Lets see.

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You will! Let me know if you have any other questions