Play status not updated after photo viewing stopped [Krypton update]

Hey guys,

Updated to the latest and greatest last night and loving the new Estuary skin. I have my Kodi/OSMC clients integrated with openHAB so that I can track the Playing state for various rules etc.

I have noticed a couple of times since upgrading, that after viewing some photos and stopping again, the player status remains in the “Play” state.

Doesn’t seem to be a problem with viewing TV shows or Movies, or Live TV. Just photos.

Anyone else seen anything similar? I realise most people wouldn’t notice this since it is only via the API.


We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

Yes - I think you are probably right. I will ask the question over on the Kodi forums. Many thanks for the response.

FYI - Play status not updated after photo viewing stopped