Playback corruption with some VC-1 1080/59.94 material

OK, this may be a niche case, but wanted to share. Some of the Dr Who blurays have a butchered conversion from the original 50Hz to a nasty 59.94. I have these and they are VC-1 encoded. I recently noticed that when playing rips of these on the Vero (the mkv files are direct from makemkv), there are brief flashes of corruption in the image. There can be sustained periods without this corruption but it comes and goes. There is no image corruption when played via an OSMC or LE Pi or with VLC player on Windows.

I’ve no idea if this log will help. I was playing an excerpt that had been extracted via MKVToolNix, and as per the parent file, there is sporadic corruption, but only on the Vero. The image corruption does not impact continuity of playback or interrrupt audio in any way.

Please send a sample to reproduce this
Do you have the VC-1 license keys on Pi?



I previously PM’d a link, will do so again. Yes, the Pi’s have the VC-1 keys as otherwise they just can’t play VC-1 in my experience, but in this case it’s only the Vero that has an issue.