Playback issue with specific channel

Hi there , I want to watch a specific channel via mediaset addon , though one of channels does not work in this case canale 5
First I need to set vpn to Italy to watch it , but basically seems channel will work , however screen turns black and returns to addon main screen.
The same addon has other channels and work fine , I am raising this with you guys , because this same channel works on my Sony tv which has Kodi installed , so looks related with OSMC , I have logs in case you could have a look and point me what could be the issue .


Contact your add-on developer. This is not an OSMC problem.

Unfortunately those are not Kodi logs, so we can’t see what the issue is.

Hi @sam_nazarko i followed the guidance to submit logs for investigation, enable logging , restarted device, reproduce issue, when via command line i try grab-logs -A it comes empty
so those i provided above, i collected via grab-logs -J

I think is just weird that i can play channel in my sony tv when addon is the same.

Anyway out of topic. my remote just stopped to work, i have box since december lets say… didnt give too much use and seems batteries are gone, there isnt any light in the remote.

" How do I change the Vero remote battery?

The Vero remote uses a CR2032 battery. This type of battery is also used in watches and can be obtained from most jewellers. You may however find these batteries cheaper online. You should only need to replace your battery once every couple of years." I suppose this is not accurate…

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We need to see full logs. In particular, Kodi logs, which aren’t available here.

The battery lifetime depends on your usage.
It is a consumable, but you can get a pack of them very cheaply. Take care when removing the old battery so you don’t damage the contacts in the remote.