Playing 1080p DTS movie via SMB "freezing" on a RPi2

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this is my first forum post. A few days ago I installed OSMC RC3 on my RPi 2. It seems to be very working very smooth at first. But then I started playback of a 1080p DTS movie via SMB from my NAS and it stops playback after approx. 1 minute. Then it freezes for about 10 - 15 seconds. This scenario is occurs frequently -> ~ 1min playback -> ~ 15 sec freeze. If I play the same movie on my Windows PC or MacBook, everything works fine.

So I googled around a litte bit. With the advice of using the codec info screen I found out, that the “vq”-value starts with 99% when I start playback. Then it decreases constantly to 0%. When reaching 0% the video keeps running for ~5 seconds before it freezes. After a few seconds the “vq”-value starts increasing again up to 99%. When reaching it the video restarts playback after ~5 seconds before “vq” is starting to decrease again. So this is the looping behavior I mentioned before.

I started playing around with buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml (Buffermode = 1, various cacheSizes and readBuffer settings). But I only got the movie running a few seconds longer with that. The freezing occurs anyway.

Anyone facing similar issues? Can anyone help me out on this one?

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The most important question is wired or WiFi?
If WiFi, get wired or get used to 720p.

If you are already wired, provide debug enabled logs so we can have a small chance of giving you a valid diagnosis. Wiki - OSMC
Secondly, give us as much detail as possible as to your specific setup, including all connected hardware, etc

The more you can help us, the better we can help you.

Had the same issue with various .ts,.mkv,.mov files I had. Went thru all the hardware optimization… that route wasn’t the issue.

Being a Network guy, I went poking in that direction.

Turns out the PROBLEM is with “FLOW CONTROL” within the network. The RPI 2, Router/Switch & MediaServer NIC weren’t playing nice with each other (mix’n’ matching gigabit links with 100mbps links - quite a bit of data pauses caused by flow control)… to keep a long story short TRY THIS…


  • If you have good config control of your router/switch - try to force and enable a global “Flow Control”. If you don’t have that as many have it automatically enabled, - try to force all the ports to FastEthernet 100mbps full duplex. See if data flows are more consistent and eliminates the lag on your video stream.

  • Easy way to find out if you have this problem - On your MediaServer’s NIC, Force it to sync @100mbps/full duplex. See if that fixes the problem.

Certainly fixed mine. When i find more time I’ll delve into the issue more, rather than having a temp WORKAROUND.

PS: I can now watch fluid motion video on those problematic files, without hardware optimisation from config.txt or advancedsettings.xml.